Back in mid 2013 Abdul decided to take the plunge into completely overhauling his Honda Integra DC2 and turning from the almost stock car it was at the time to a completely built track/street weapon of a car. The engine came out and it got replaced with a 2.4L K-series four cylinder with a Rotrex supercharger attached also.

It got a JDM front conversion, stripped, repainted and bolted back together with huge list of aftermarket parts and turned into the insane car you will see below! From the minute Abdul told me his plans I knew I wanted to get a few mid build shots as I knew it was going to be magazine feature worthy.

As soon as he finished it I contact the guys at Fast Fours & Rotaries and they jumped on board with no hesitation. From there we did a finished shoot along side one of DownshiftAus top photographers Matyas and the feature was done and printed with a 8 page feature and fold out poster in the January 2015 issue of Fast Fours & Rotaries.

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Posted on October 30, 2015

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