I’ve known Dan for a while now and have seen him go through a few car builds but his 5 Series BMW is totally different. He has had fast Senators, Turbo BMW’s, his SR20 powered 3 Series but when he came across this 5 Series and had the idea of making a tidy yet slammed cruise car he couldn’t hold back.

The mod list yet minimum compared to the rest of his cars ties everything with this car together and turns it into one of the nicest BMW’s in QLD. With subtle modifications like the roof lip, M5 rear diffuser, quad exhaust tips and the aftermarket headlights it’s not in your face but you still snap your neck when you see it drive by!

I have done photos here and there of Dan’s car during his ownership with it but we finally got around to doing a proper shoot. Enjoy!

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Posted on January 17, 2017

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