Hi, welcome to my website/portfolio. My name is Chris Howard. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer based here in Brisbane, Australia.

My Graphic Design work includes Logos, Banners, Custom Stickers, Business Cards and many other things. I can create a design while working hand in hand with you to obtain the final product you desire, starting from a basic template all the way through to production of the design whether it be custom stickers or even business cards. Using some of my many contacts I am able to bring you the best quality product available.

Automotive Photography is my specialty as portrayed in my portfolio, although I do various other works including Portrait, Landscape and Product photography to name a few. I am available for hire to do a variety of shoots from private photo shoots of your awesome classic car, to event photography and photos to advertise your latest merchandise. I have many packages available to choose from but am willing to organise a specific bundle to suit your needs. Feel free to inquire within for prices and availability. Details are located directly under the map.

Take the time to browse through the online store where you can purchase stickers along with prints of your favourite photos in either Canvas or Poster prints.

While you’re at it jump over to my Facebook Page where you can view many more photos. Just make sure to click the ‘like’ button when you’re there. (button on the right)

Chris Howard.