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Welcome to Sirck!

First established in 2010 as a graphic design and printing business, Sirck has evolved over the last 8 years to offer a professional, fresh and exciting range of services. In addition to the graphic design and printing, founder Chris Howard’s passion of everything automotive pulled him and the business into the world of horsepower. Photographing motorsport events turned into cataloguing collections, private shoots for owners, and eventually Sirck was collaborating with the likes of Lamborghini and other high end automotive brands.

Seeing the quality of work being produced in this field, requests were coming in from loyal as well as new clients to help with new projects into different areas such as events, products and portraiture, which is why you’ll discover a range of quality services through this site, backed now by years of experience and passion.

Located in Brisbane, Australia, Sirck. is able to undertake projects locally, around Australia and abroad. So have a look at our portfolios across the website and get in touch. We’d love to sit down with you and tailor a solution for your next project.

– Sirck.

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SR Car Hire’s Ford Mustang GT

SR Car Hire’s Ford Mustang GT SR Car Hire recently acquired a new model Ford Mustang GT and have started to get flooded with enquires to do Formal’s and Weddings. They kitted the car with some new suspension and aftermarket wheels for some extra visual points along with a few other goodies and got us... READ MORE READ MORE

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

2019 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ We are super fortunate to get to work along side such prestige brands such as Lamborghini on a regular basis here at Sirck but we felt especially honoured when we got the chance to experience the all new Aventador SVJ first hand with Lamborghini Brisbane, pre-release I might add! The Aventadors... READ MORE READ MORE

Rig Shoot on Dane’s S13

Rig Shoot on Dane’s S13 This shoot is going back a while for us now but we opted to post it anyway. Rig shoots aren’t a very common way of photographing cars mainly for the fact they are time consuming. Not just during the session but the post processing too. However, the results can be... READ MORE READ MORE

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