Rig Shoot on Dane’s S13

This shoot is going back a while for us now but we opted to post it anyway. Rig shoots aren’t a very common way of photographing cars mainly for the fact they are time consuming. Not just during the session but the post processing too. However, the results can be amazing! We love cracking out the rig anytime we can, it just really opens up the level of creativity we can have! Unfortunately most of our shoots are fairly time sensitive whether it be so for the client or the lighting so when Dane contacted us purely wanting just a rig shoot done we didn’t hesitate to agree!

A little behind the scenes on what a rig is I guess could be needed. It’s simple really, a large metal pole (usually aluminium or carbon fibre) is suction cupped to the car (which has the engine turned off & in neutral) being used as a boom that the Camera then attaches too. The shutter speed is then slowed right down so that it takes a photo for somewhere between 10-30seconds, in that time the car is pushed by an assistant causing the camera to capture the motion of the vehicle. The photographer then removes the boom from the image in editing showing off the car in a rolling style image! Check out the before and after below.




Posted on March 17, 2019

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